Ordering custom uniforms for your sports team can be insanely fun but there is still a lot to consider as well. Uniforms represent your team and your motto to the rest of the world so it is extremely important that the uniforms reflect everything you represent. From the colour, to the material, cut and overall design, everything shapes your perception to the public. We have compiled a list of things you should keep in mind when ordering custom uniforms for your sports team.

Beware of Typos

When ordering custom sports uniforms for your team, make sure that the sample design you have sent is free of all typosed, grammatical inaccuracies and bad alignment. Make sure you higher an experienced designer who can arrange the final version digitally and ensures that the text is error free and ready to be printed.
Typos can make the whole batch of printed corporate uniforms melbourne unusable. This is nothing but a complete waste of money so rather than the struggle of reworking them, it is better to recheck and get rid of any misspellings.

Never Overdesign

What looks worse than a typo? Overdesign. Refrain from putting in too much that would ultimately take all attention away from your player and rather than looking sophisticated, it would simply come off as cartoonish and overdone. Over the top sports uniform designs make the final outlook monotonous and players will not stand out in front of the audience. Complex design with a flurry of colours, shades and odd shapes do not look appealing and appear haphazardly designed. We recommend that you stick with a general theme with a maximum of three colours and sophisticated design.

Style Should Always Match the Persona

Men’s uniforms seldom look good on female players. This is why the designing phase is so crucial as it determines the overall look, depending on the team’s performance, motto, location and sex. The cut, style and even colour combinations need to be accurately planned before mass uniformed are printed and delivered. Your team’s persona and geographical location also matters a lot when designing the style. For example, New Zealand’s cricket team wears black which is aligned with their flag.

Pay Very Close Attention to the Logo Design

Your logo is your identity. It defines your team, your motto, mascot, country and even your playing style. Your fans and the rest of the world will remember you by your logo so it is crucial to spend enough time planning it out carefully. Establish the persona you are going for and think accordingly. The logo also has symbolic value so make sure that the final design stays true to your team spirit and represents you in the best possible way. Take the time to sit with your printer and decie logo placement, size and opacity.

Give the Printing Process Sufficient Time

Plan early, design with care and then be patient when the printing phase begins. After all, screen printing takes a lot of time. Use this opportunity to get a sample uniform printed and see if the results are to your liking and according to the requirements you have specified. Take the time to check the custom sizes, material and even the stitching to ensure good quality final product. Not leaving enough time for the screen printing phase means that your order will not be ready in time and that will result in embarrassment when your team is up for a game. Get your uniforms printed and delivered well before the scheduled game so if there is any error, there is enough time to sort it out. Always preview the final outlook well in time to get the best possible outcome.