Rugby is a sport played by teams, and the game delivers great health benefits to the players in the game. The game is physically demanding. Therefore, players should prepare themselves mentally and physically for the match. During their play, their safety should be a priority because the rules and laws of the game are deprived. All players should take responsibility and play positively, safe, and enjoyable. The atmosphere should be harnessed to a friend considering the amount of rivalry it can be created during the match. Whatever type of game you choose to play, create an enabling environment for every team player to thrive and triumph. When your team loses a game, try next time. Go back to the drawing board, practice more, and you will become a better team next time.

Forms of rugby matches

Tag rugby

This is a non-contact and a fast-moving game that is suitable for people of many ages. Boys & girls, women & men and even children are welcome in the game. Since the game is a non-contact match, it is suitable for young rugby enthusiasts. A mixed-gender can participate in the game at the same time because of its non-contact nature. The belts and tags are used to replace traditional tackling.

Rules of the game

  •  No contact at all allowed, only gum shield advisable
  •  No kicking allowed
  •  Stop running and shout TAG! When you make a tag.
  • When a ball carrier is tagged, he or she is supposed to pass the ball to his teammate within 3 seconds.
  • The players in the game should be less than seven aside

Touch rugby

This is a  rugby version where players touch opponents by hands anywhere on their bodies or clothing instead of traditional physical tackle. Touch rugby is widely played as a social training activity in union rugby because of its non-contact nature suitable for a mixed-gender group. A team of six attacks the try-line of their opponents within six touches of the play, if they do not score; the ball is passed on to their opponents. Touch rugby is played informally with some of the elements of the play simplified, things like scrums, mauls, line-outs and kicks gotten rid of.

Wheelchair rugby

This is a mixed team of quadriplegic athletes. The game combines elements of rugby, handball, and basketball. The contact between the wheelchairs is allowed, players can use their wheelchair to block an opponent.

Beach rugby

This is a fun game played on the sand beach with minimal resources. The game has fast moves which are suitable for youngsters

Rugby sevens

This is an Olympic game since 2016 Rio. It will feature in 2020 Tokyo, Japan. The game is composed of seven players aside.